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Sysop Help Section:
I'm cannot get the game to load except in local mode:
This is a common problem that usually (almost 100% of the time) is related to some sort of a software firewall.The installation of McAfee virus scanner will install McAfee's firewall which can block 32bit processes.

Users are complaining that Maintenance is not run or has not ran:
Go to the directory Ambroshia is installed in, and type AmbLaunch.exe /forcemaint ** Just make sure nobody is playing at the time this is run!!

I lost my registration and need to get it again:
No problem, I provide registrations that are lost at no cost. Just send an email to me HERE. However, I will follow up to verify that you are the legal owner of the registration. This process can take up to 48-72hrs.

Does Ambroshia support running on a WinServer system:
Yep! The game has built in WinServer routines!

Why does Ambroshia crash sometimes with a critical error message:
I am currently still trying to find the areas of the game that are crashing with this, any screenshots you can take or information on the area of the game that crashed will help greatly with the debugging process.

My game got corrupted/ruined, how do I restore it:
Ambroshia creates a daily backup of the game.db file located in the Backups directory. This file is time stamped and just needs to be copied into the Data directory and renamed to game.db. Thats it!

Why doesn't Ambroshia support 16bit/DOS BBS systems:
Due to the use of a 32Bit DLL and the SQL database, there is no easy way to implement a 16bit port of the game. Sorry!

Is it ok to install a fresh copy of Ambroshia over an existing game:
Yes, the game will just upgrade components that are changed.

How do I install the patches for the Windows port of the game:
Very easy, just download the patch file and execute it! It will ask you where you installed Ambroshia to and then patch the game.

More to come!

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